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Lieutenant Commander Therav th'Shan
30th-Jun-2010 12:21 pm
Off duty until next duty shift tomorrow or hear from contact, whichever comes first.

Tried to get a second shift but despite Lt Kchessinskaya and Lt Rogers being away, was not granted one.

Nothing to do but pace floor. 

Noelle on that transport. On a no contact mission. I feel ill. Have no right to be concerned. She is an officer doing her duty. 

Does not belong to me. Does not belong to anyone but herself. To Starfleet, too. Even then, only so much.

Family was right, am an extremely selfish thaan. 

And she was right. I did not say it, but did not need to. Really did not want her to go. 

Am watching her cat.

Her friend Specialist Milosevic was to watch her cat (would have been me if Noelle hadn't been upset with me this morning) and not eight hours after cat dropped off at her quarters, Milosevic appears at my door with same cat.

Elvis has done nothing but cry. Cannot get him to be quiet. 

Suppose I will have a cat if something happens to Noelle.

And something always happens. Do not know how people can be so cavalier. It always happens. 

13th-Apr-2011 07:25 am (UTC)
Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!

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