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Lieutenant Commander Therav th'Shan
17th-May-2011 11:57 pm
Aggravating. Kept in the dark by people from whom take orders, then find out that one of team mates nearly died then I find out of all people that it was Noelle. This after argument we had in which she stomped off insisting I had no right to keep her from her duty. Since when are these the missions we are on. Am not even privy to what happened. Then questioned incessantly by Sharad and don't know answers to his questions. 

Had other things to concern self with when off of shift finally. Returned to quarters to message from Shlev. Excitedly detailed the snowmelt in the valley just south of the Keep, and cave spiders. 
And now finally Noelle is asleep, in my bed, here, safe. 
Sleep, little warrior. Just sleep.
Some things are more important than other things.
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