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Lieutenant Commander Therav th'Shan
U.S.S. Takeda Shingen
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Name: Hravitherav th'Shan (personal name Therav)
Race: Andorian
Age: 35
Sex: thaan
Birthdate: December 9, 2346
Marital status: Divorced

I am Chief Tactical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Takeda Shingen with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

I am unbonded (divorced) and have a seven year old thei, Thravishlev th'Zhess.

I am interested in spending time with my thei, classic literature of Andoria, Qo'Nos and Earth, antique Andorian weapons, historical re-enactment, duelling, the work of Andorian duellist Lor'vela, the work of Earth duellist Bruce Lee, military history, Earth's First World War, Klingon language, the military histories of the Klingon Empire and the Earth nations Britain and the United States of America, Klingon opera, Earth European classical music and opera, the written works of 21st century Earth author Thomas Clancy.